School for students in Flint will start August 7th this year as the district implements a balanced calendar for the first year.

This isn't new news, considering school officials were prepping for the change at the end of last year. The official announcement came down this week, and I think the reality started to set in.

The first official day of school will be August 7th, and the last day will be June 18th. Even though it looks like the students will be going to school almost a month longer than last year, that's not the case. The balanced calendar includes many breaks that are longer than traditional calendar breaks.

The goal is to cut down on the summer brain drain, and more schools are taking up the balanced calendar. I'd be surprised if all of the schools in our area don't switch to a balanced calendar in the next few years. Flint Schools Superintendent, Derrick Lopez told WNEM how the new calendar works.

Except for those intermittent breaks around Christmas and Thanksgiving - students will be in school for 30 to 35 days, have a one-week intercession then again 30 to 35 days then intercession, and so on and so forth throughout the year

I personally am a fan of the balanced calendar, but there is one thing that will turn me against it in a hurry. If a school decides to start class in August, they had better have a capable AC system put in place. Some of the older school buildings can turn into ovens on a hot August or June day, and that makes learning impossible.

Are you a fan of the balanced calendar for schools in Genesee County?

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