Flint Community Schools officials have just announced that they will postpone the start of face to face learning indefinitely.

The original plan had the schools starting online in August with a return to the classrooms happening on September 14th. Superintendent Anita Steward made the announcement with a press release, and a post on their social media pages. The news is taking some students and parents by surprise, and scrambling to adjust to the changes.

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The press release came out late Monday, without much notice.

This is obviously not the news that anyone wanted to hear concerning the return to classroom learning. The decision comes as many Michigan colleges are also bumping back their plans for classroom learning. Unfortunately the press release doesn't give much information on the future plan for a return to the classroom.

We will continue to work with state and local health experts to determine when we believe it is safe to bring our students and staff back to school.

My kids are in Swartz Creek school district, and they were supposed to start September 1st. The school has since backed the start date back to September 8th. Creek is one of the few schools in the area that is still planning to offer face to face learning when they begin, but I expect that to change soon.

The problem that schools face right now is nearly impossible to solve. They are facing pressure from parents, and others to start in the classroom. They are getting guidance from health officials that being face to face is not the safest way to go. They are also concerned for their own health and safety in addition to the kids they are supposed to be teaching.

This is not an easy situation for anyone involved. Parents are scrambling to adjust to all of the changes, and inadvertently end up taking it out on the teachers and administrators that are forced to communicate the changes.

The only thing we know for sure right now is that the situation will change many more times before this is all done. I just hope that we can all keep a calm, understanding attitude as we deal with the changes. Nobody wants to make this any harder, and safety is always the main concern.


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