The Flint Community School Board has announced their back to school plan, and it revolves around being flexible.

With all of the uncertainty in the world right now, school officials are tasked with an almost impossible job. Deciding when and how to return to school is what the Flint School Board members have been trying to do lately. It's such a tough task because no matter what is decided, there will be many people that disagree. According to Mlive, the board members have set a plan going forward.

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The board approved the safe return and recovery plan this week that would start virtual learning for Flint School students on August 5th. The plan is built to be a fluid document according to Superintendent Anita Steward.

The fluid plan provides a few options for parents, and follows the state guidelines very closely. The three main options all contain choices for parents within them, but are basically outlined below.

  • Face-to-Face Instruction (all students attend school, with the exception of those who select virtual instruction).
  • Hybrid Learning (combination of face-to-face and virtual)
  • Virtual Instruction (all students attend online)

If parents are going to opt for full virtual learning, they will need to sign a consent form stating their wishes. The Flint Schools sent out nearly 700 surveys to get parents input on restarting schools. Most school districts in the area did the same, and most are finding that the opinions are split.

The craziest part about all of the plans that the schools in our area are trying to make is that they could all change if we slide backwards even one phase. If Michigan is forced back into phase three, then all learning will be done remotely regardless of plans.

I don't envy any of the school officials that are trying to make these decisions. Teachers and school officials were already stretched thin by the way the year ended. Now with news of school funding possibly being cut, and the decisions of how to reopen, this is next to impossible.

I want to ask everyone reading this to please practice patience with your school district as they try to navigate through this. They are trying to put together the best plan for your kids, but none of this is easy.


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