Flint Community Schools announced that they will be adopting a balanced calendar for the 2019-20 school year.

So what exactly is a balanced calendar and why does Flint think it's best to switch?


What Is A Balanced Calendar?

Most people think that a balanced calendar means more school for kids, but they will actually be going the same amount of days that they do now. The difference is that the year starts earlier and ends later with a few longer breaks during the year.

The year would start on August 6th and end on June 16th, so the schedule is not drastically different from what Flint students are doing currently.

Why Switch?

Freeman Elementary in Flint has been on a balanced calendar for about two years now. According to WNEM, they have reported improved math and reading scores since switching to the calendar. A school official gave a statement about the change.

It is our priority to put students in a position to be successful, and we believe a balanced calendar will increase academic achievement throughout our district

The district released a statement on Facebook to inform students and parents about the change.

Do you think the change will be a good thing for Flint students?

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