Students from the Flint Community Schools participated in the Anti-Bullying Creative Arts Showcase Thursday night, as our community works to end bullying.

There were pieces of art, sketches and poems being featured from the students.  The winning pieces were rewarded with Meijer gift cards, an iPod Touch and even and iPad!

I learned pretty quickly though that the night was not about the prizes.  It was a chance for those students who experience bullying every day to express themselves.

Anti Bullying Skit written and performed by Flint Elementary Students

I talked to an 8th grader at SWA named Daylon who was there representing a friend who suffered from bullying and abuse at home.  He explained that she was the inspiration behind his 'Stop The Abuse' piece of art.  Daylon then explained that any prize that he may win from the showcase was going to her.  It was one of the most selfless things I've seen, and really represented what the night was all about.

The night was capped off by recognizing the great effort of the students, and organizations like Flint Community Mental Health that help to put the entire event on.