Teachers in the Flint Community School district say that extreme temperatures in the classrooms have been a problem for years. It was announced this week that Flint Community Schools will use a balanced calendar beginning next school year. The first day of school will be August 12th for students next year. We can all agree that it has the potential to be very hot on August 12th.

According to ABC12, Superintendent of Flint Community Schools says they will fund the renovations through savings they would have by bringing their buildings up to a standard of efficiency. Doyle Ryder has a $3 million grant that is expected to come for infrastructure improvements. They are hoping to raise another $5.5 million over time.

To make sure every classroom has air conditioning for the 2019-2020 school year they may have to start with window units. The goal is to make sure the students and teachers are safe and comfortable during the extreme weather changes in Michigan.

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