Imagine a restaurant forcing you to pay for a meal that made you sick.  That's exactly what many Flint residents are going through right now due to the water crisis.

Flint officials notified residents who are behind on their water bill that shut offs are coming soon.  So far, specific dates have only been given for a handful of shutoffs, but they will affect many people.

The locations include two apartment complexes in Flint. Lakeside Apartments, and Orchard Lake Manor, along with around 18 other residential homes.  The city has said that no  payments have been made from any of these locations in the last five consecutive months according to WNEM.

The shocking part is that the shutoffs are expected much sooner than most residents can handle.  Flint officials sent notices to the delinquent customers saying that a payment, plus 10% of the past due balance was needed to avoid shutoffs.

This can add up to a lot of money for some customers, especially since the state had decided to stop giving Flint water customers any assistance credits toward their water bill.

The two apartment complexes have until Thursday to comply, or they will be shut off.  The 18 residential locations have until April to make payments.

The city did give all of the people that received notices an informational packet with assistance programs that are available to them.  MLive is also reporting that if you need help, you can call 810-766-7015 or visit Flint City Hall to talk about repayment options with a representative.

WNEM showed how bad the conditions are at the apartment buildings that are at the center of the shut offs.

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