It was a good news, bad news situation for Flint residents as the state of Michigan announced two major moves in the Flint Water Crisis.

State officials gave notice that the state water bill credits that were put in place to help Flint pay for Detroit water, would be ending by March.

People have been getting a 65% credit on their water bills, to help pay for the tap water that they can not drink.  The city of Flint will lose out on around $1 Million per month of state aid.

This is happening despite the fact that health officials say that the water should not be consumed without a filter.  Now Flint residents will have to pay full price for the poisoned water coming from the tap.

The good news is that the state also announced that they will be providing water filters for approximately three more years.

Flint Residents Wait For Help As Water Crisis Continues
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The water filters and replacement cartridges are a necessity in Flint due to the lead tainted tap water.  The lead levels have been decreasing, but everyone is still being advised to use a filter or drink bottled water.

The irony of the two announcements coming in the same week is amazing.  The state has been slow to react from the very beginning, and now this announcement will only feed the lie that the water crisis is fixed.

Making people pay for water they can't drink is wrong.  There is no arguing that fact.  Instead of giving Flint a water credit on their bill, maybe the state should not charge at all, and use the credit money to replace the crumbling water infrastructure.

It will be very interesting to see how officials handle the water infrastructure issue when it hits a more affluent city than Flint. 

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