The idiot of the day hits home when a Flint woman received salon services and walked out without paying the bill only to be identified on Facebook.  I know times are hard but you don't have steal salon services. 

The woman went to the hair salon on East Court St. in Flint for hair coloring.  When it was time to pay, she only had $11 in her possession.  She told the stylist the rest of the money was in her car.  Well, she drove off and haven't returned.

The woman left a fake address and phone number but left her real name.  The employees of the salon were able to identify her by using her real name on Facebook.  Why leave your real name if you're leaving your fake address & number?

No arrest has been made yet.  Please, if you're going to commit a crime, which you shouldn't, please think about it and save yourself the embarrassment.  Dining and dashing to dashing on salon services is a new low.  People are hard on money nowadays.  Let's extends some charity and pay for this salon service.