Flint's Kyle Kuzma is now the new face of Puma Basketball after signing a 5 year $20 Million deal.

Kuzma is starting the upcoming season with an injury that will sideline him for a bit, but the new deal definitely helps take the sting out of not playing. Puma is betting on Kuzma becoming a star in the NBA, and most analysts agree.

The whole Puma Kuzma name similarity definitely helps the marketing team too.

Kuzma had been under a Nike deal that netted him around $25k, but the huge pay increase wasn't the only reason for the switch. Kyle talked to ESPN about wanting more creative control with the product.

The No. 1 thing I was trying to look for was a little bit more control, a little bit more freedom to do certain things. Not to be restricted from an idea standpoint

The 'Kuzma' billboards are starting to go up all over LA, and the buzz around the Lakers couldn't be bigger. Kuzma will be fighting for ball time with Lebron and Davis on the court, but he is definitely one of the NBA's rising stars.

I am starting to wonder if this will start a Michigan Puma connection with Kuzma and Big Sean since they are both endorsers for the brand.

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