Pasha is one our favorite Local Flow winners at Club 93.7!  She hooked up with another one of our Local Flow favorites Shava Jay to bring young women in our area 'Fairy Tales'.

Check out the very important message behind the song, and grab it for free below.

The thing that makes music an art is the amount of personal feeling that goes into it.  Pasha obviously poured herself into this track and even took time to let her fans know with a personal letter to her young audience.  Here is a part of the message from Pasha, you can check out the full letter here.

As most fans and supporters know,my music is very grown & mature but I wanted to do something really special for all the young girls in the world before I drop my album "Long Overdue" this Spring.  This song "Fairy Tales" is very near and dear to my heart! It's for every young girl who's growing up struggling with relationships, self esteem issues & self worth.  To some I may not be a role model but I am still human and I want to share the downfalls of placing your self worth into someone else's hand.  I too was that young girl & I want every girl to know that if they love themselves the right person will eventually come along & to never let bad relationships break you down! Like the late great Whitney Houston stated "Loving yourself is the greatest gift of all"! So to every young girl out there love yourself and the day will come when that special someone will respect and admire you!

Pasha ft. Shava Jay - 'Fairy Tales'

Grab the download for 'Fairy Tales' Here, and we couldn't talk about our girl without showing the video of her killing it on stage at our last '810 Local Show'!

Pasha - 810 Local Show 2011


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