With the announcement of T.I.'s upcoming movie surrounding the Flint Water Crisis, Flint artists are trying to make sure Flint is represented accordingly.

When Lifetime put their Flint Water Crisis movie out most of us thought it would actually involve Flint. We were wrong. A very minimal part of it was actually shot in Flint, and none of the people in the movie were from Flint.

So when T.I. announced his upcoming project with Will Smith's production company, Flint artists were proactive. 'Flint' isn't necessarily about the Flint Water Crisis, but it is set in Flint with the water crisis playing a major role in the story.

Pasha is one of the many talented artists from Flint, and she is the driving force behind the #FlintArtists4FlintMovies movement. She posted her thoughts on Instagram shortly after the announcement.

The idea is simple. Make the hashtag big enough that the people involved with the movie cannot ignore it.

I talked to Pasha about the goal, and she talked about using Flint's connection with Jaden Smith as a potential opportunity.

I'm reaching out to Mayor Weaver to advocate for Flint artists through Jaden Smith since Will Smiths production company is behind the film.

I think Pasha is on the right track here, especially considering how much Jaden has done for Flint already.

I think the majority of people are thrilled that T.I. and the other major players are taking such an active role in Flint. We just all feel like making a movie involving the tragedy that is happening in Flint, should feature and benefit the people of Flint.

Nobody involved with the movie has commented one way or the other on where the movie will be shot. There has been no word on if any proceeds will go to help with the Flint Water Crisis recovery. The announcement of the movie was just made this week, so it makes sense to be patient and see what their initial plans are.

I think with the Smith family involvement, and all the great work that T.I. does, it would be insane for them not to involve the city as much as possible.

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