T.I., Tommy Oliver, and others involved with the upcoming 'Flint' movie agree with the #FlintArtists4FlintMovies movement.

When the announcement came that Flint and the Flint Water Crisis would serve as the backdrop for an upcoming movie, we all had the same thought. Another movie about Flint that won't be shot in Flint, or benefit our city at all. I am happy to say that our initial thoughts look like they were wrong.

Pasha Chaney is a rapper from Flint that we have featured many times over the years. She started the #FlintArtists4FlintMovies movement shortly after the announcement from T.I.   I know what a stand up person Pasha is, and immediately reached out to her to see how we could help. After writing a story and sharing it as much as possible, things started to move fairly quickly.

Pasha received a message Tommy Oliver, one of the films producers.

Pashaforbedrock Instagram

Pasha also received a message from T.I. to set up a time to talk about the film.

Pasha Chaney via FB

Pasha called into the show this morning to talk about how everything has come together so far. Pasha confirmed that T.I. not only agrees with the movement, but also wants to be involved in the process of getting Flint involved.

She now has the backing of Mayor Weaver, and the promise of support when needed. This comes along with news from Mlive that the Will Smith company putting the film together confirmed that it will be shot in Flint.

Salute to Pasha for not just talking about what should be done, but actually doing something. This could turn into a great moment for Flint artists and our city.