We're all aware of great talented artist in our area.  One emcee I think may get overlooked is Flint's Shemy.  He was a winner of the 810 Local Flow a couple years ago and hit the stage with J. Cole and Chiddy Bang.  On stage with national recording acts, Shemy held his own. 

Last week, Shemy passed along the 'The Kings Speech' song to me and I had to share with you.  I haven't heard much music from him in awhile and this was a pleasant re-introduction.

'The Kings Speech' details Shemy expressing his journey in as an emcee.  I am sure you'll like this song from the former 810 Local Flow winner.  Expect this song will appear on his summer mixtape titled, 'Welcome Back.'  Soon as the mixtape drops, we'll have it for you to download.