The idiot of the day goes to a Florida man planning the biggest Super Bowl party of all time. He broke into Jerome Brown BBQ and stole $4000 worth of wings, fries, and ribs, on Wednesday. I truly hope he gets caught. 

The finger food robber pried open the doors from the side of the building stealing the food and an empty cash register. A surveillance tape caught the thief and the Jacksonville police is seeking residents helping in finding the idiot.

Erika Morris, the store's manager, told the local ABCNews affiliate that the robbery will affected a lot of employees.

“It hurts employees, managers and the business owners. We wish whoever knows something about it, just turn them in. A close friend might know him. Just turn him in, because it’s hurting everybody.”

Why would you steal Super Bowl food a week before the big game? I hope someone turns him in before Sunday and receives a great reward. Jacksonville will be upset if they can't have their wings.