The Idiot of the day goes to the Florida man who posted incriminating evidence on his Instagram and now facing 142 criminal charges.  I truly think this guy may take the annual award home for being the dumbest criminal of 2013. 

Dupree Johnson has been arrested in connection to 'dinner time' burglaries in the Boynton Beach area.  Along with other unidentified men, Dupree posted images on Instagram of drugs, cash, and guns.  The local police department checked his social media account and placed him under arrest.

The Boynton Beach police investigation led them to Durpee's home where they found $250k worth of stolen goods like fine jewelry and firearms.  The idiot of the day was arrested immediately and his social media account suspended.  Boynton Beach Police has charged him with 142 charges.

It doesn't look good for Durpree Johnson and I don't feel sorry for him.  I don't like crime and hope some kid learns from this idiot.  Posting evidence on social media has to be a record low of stupidity.  I really hope Dupree and his friends spend a long time in jail.