Michigan residents that depend on SNAP have been worried that the government shutdown mean no more assistance.

The government has announced that the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program will be fully funded through February. SNAP, or food stamps, will run normally through next month, but if the shutdown runs into March there will be some problems.

There are roughly 1.5 Million people in Michigan (including children) that rely on the SNAP program right now. If the government shutdown lasts through March, the funding for SNAP will be completely gone unless lawmakers approve some sort of temporary fix.


A small fix will be tough in March for the government though because some other very crucial social programs will also run out of funding. WIC, School Lunches, and a variety of child nutrition programs would also be left out in the cold.

The bottom line is that the elected officials need to figure this out now, and worry about the politics that keep them divided later.

This shutdown is a perfect example of how broken politics have become in our country. Putting the political agenda before the welfare of the people that voted you into office is not good.

Maybe the tragedy is to make America such a miserable place that immigrants do NOT want to come here, and that way both sides can say they won . . . well both political sides that is. The people will be dealing with the mess they left for us.


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