Someone in French Montana's crew was reportedly attacked in New York City, and that apparently led the rapper to go off on his security team.

According to a report TMZ published Tuesday (Aug. 27), the Bronx rapper was at the Amish Market in Tribeca when a stranger attacked a member of his entourage. French himself was not touched during the attack, yet, the random sucker punch was apparently enough to set off an entire brawl.

In the video TMZ captured, we can see that the "Pop That" rapper is infuriated while he shouts at his security team. The video was shot from across the street, but you can hear French scream in anger at his security guards. In a second video from the scene, French slaps the camera away from a separate person filming his interaction with his own security guard.

The police eventually arrived on the scene, but they couldn't do much since everyone involved with the fight had already dipped. French, who's prepping his Coke Wave 4 project with Max B, reportedly left the scene without a scratch on him, but that didn't stop him from blowing off some steam in front of the Amish Market.
You can see a video of French talking to his bodyguards below. XXL has reached out to French's camp for comment.

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