The oh-so-hated federal mask guidelines have been tweaked a bit by the CDC as new information everywhere has given people a new perspective.

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This new update will mean that most Americans will no longer be advised to wear masks indoors. I always thought wearing masks inside wouldn't do much. If someone is already committed to going out to a restaurant or gas station I don't think a mask will help much at all.

The new metrics will still consider caseloads, but also take into account hospitalizations and local hospital capacity. Under the new guidelines, the vast majority of Americans will no longer live in areas where indoor masking in public is recommended based on current data.

The best thing to come from this announcement is the ability to leave easily triggered people alone. Some people walk this earth with one purpose and that purpose is to check whoever said something to them. Seriously! You probably know someone right now that hates listening and always ends up arguing or fighting someone. They don't care if a business has to implement these guidelines to prevent being cited with some crazy fine. They just don't like being told what to do.

Either way, this should hopefully ease the tension that people have with mask guidelines.


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