Future had a busy weekend. Following a performance at the 2017 BET Awards that saw him bring out Kendrick Lamar, the Atlanta rapper then premiered his music video for "Pie."

The new track, which features Chris Brown, received visuals from director Nick Walker, which finds Future and Breezy turning up in a mansion, surrounded by beautiful women.

"Sipping out a 2 litre, put an 8 in it/White linen on my pillow, put her face in it/Baby, f--- t up and do what you like/All these drugs in my body got me seeing double," Chris  sings on the first verse.

Future essentially offers more of the same drug-laced, sexual braggadocio on his verse.

"Gassing up on lean and good thirst/Lap dance getting pie on my t-shirt/She know how to f---, yeah/She ain't looking for true love here," Future offers on the second verse.

The song wasn’t featured on Future’s latest albums—Hendrixx and Future— but can now be purchased on iTunes.

Watch the video above.


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