The Charles Stewart Mott Foundation has always been one of the biggest supporters of Flint, so it's no surprise that they passed a huge milestone this month.

The CSM Foundation gave a $3.2 Million grant to the Crim Fitness Foundation recently.  With that grant, the Charles Stewart Mott Foundation passed the $1 Billion giving mark!

The CSM Foundation was formed in 1926, by the Flint automotive pioneer and his wife.  They have continued to help the residents of Flint long after his passing.  The formation of the Ruth Mott Foundation has also been a major boost to the city of Flint.

It's incredible to look around Flint at all of the great things we have, and know that most of the financial backing came from the Mott family.  It's scary to think where our city would be without the generosity, and compassion that the foundations have shown to Flint.

One Billion is a huge number, but when you think about how many people have been positively impacted by that money, it becomes even bigger.

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