Looks like Game is set to come with a reality show for his upcoming wedding. I personally would like a camera focused on Game at all times! After the ass whopping he gave 40 Glocc I want an in-dept look at how this man operates!


It looks like The Game is in need of a public makeover! He is apparently planning to film his upcoming nuptials for realty TV, according to reports. The Compton-bred rapper is expected to film his marriage to Tiffany Cambridge in a partnership with 51 Minds Entertainment, the team that brought Flavor Flav’s “Flavor of Love” to television. The show is expected to show a different side of the gritty rapper, according to TMZ. The Game recently attacked rival rapper 40 Glocc and taped the fracas. The reality show will reflect The Game as a family man that is devoted to his kids. It will also show the turbulence and “hoopla” surrounding a wedding. Sources say filming has already begun, but neither Game or the production company is saying a word

via Hip-Hop Rumors: The Game To Film Wedding For Reality TV??? | AllHipHop.com.