It only took two decades, but a Genesee County lottery club has finally hit it big, bagging a nearly $2 million jackpot.

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The Lunch Bunch Crew is a lottery club made up of five members. Each of the members takes turns buying tickets, buying just one ticket per week.

Club Finally Hits it Big

After about 20 years of playing, the Lunch Bunch Crew finally hit it big, cashing in on a $1.85 million jackpot on June 18. A spokesman for the club says the winning ticket was purchased at Tom's Market on South Street in Ortonville.

Although the group want to remain anonymous, they shared a little bit about the win with Detroit TV station WJBK-TV.

"One day at work, a few of us saw an article about a winning Lotto 47 ticket that was sold in Ortonville and remembered we had never checked our ticket." the spokesperson said. "We texted the club member who had purchased it asking where she purchased the ticket and if she had checked it yet. When we got a reply from her saying she had not checked it, but purchased it at Tom’s Market, we knew right away. We started jumping and shouting with joy!"

The group chose to take a lump-sum payment rather than annuity payments for the full amount. That means $1.85 million is reduced to about $1.2 million. But hey, that's still about $240,000 for each member of the club The spokesperson says that winning the jackpot is life-changing for each of the members.

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