Genesee County is among three counties in Michigan that are seeing a big spike in COVID-19 cases among 15-19-year-olds.

Genesse, Oakland, and Livingston County are seeing the spike with teens.

According to Fox 2, The steep increase in cases reported in young people has been traced to at least six large gatherings throughout the three counties. The indoor and outdoor congregations included graduation parties and prom-like events in July.

Genesee County went from 19 cases in late June to 94 from mid-July to early August. That's a pretty significant jump.

Oakland County went from 3 cases in the South Lyon area to 42 cases from mid-July to early August.

Livingston County went from 3 cases to 19 from mid-July to early August.

Oakland County health officer Leigh-Anne Stafford:

We need parents and young people in our community to recognize the risk they take to their own health and that of their family and friends when attending gatherings without taking precautions. We can work together across our communities to contain the spread and I urge parents to be aware of activities your kids attend.

It's so hard to avoid gatherings this time of year but if you can, health officials are asking that you do unless you you're able to take the proper precautions including wearing a mask and social distancing. Which is nearly impossible to do during large gatherings.

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