Need to get rid of some old tires? This weekend is your chance to do it the right way in Genesee County.

The Genesee County Metro Planning Commission is hosting a tire drop off event on Saturday September 12th. Getting rid of old tires can be a real pain in the neck if you try to do it without harming the environment. Let's face it, there are only so many tire swings, and tire planters you can put in your yard.

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The tire turn in event happens this Saturday at Environmental Rubber Recycling on Dort between Carpenter and Webster roads. The event starts at 9am and residents will have until 1pm to turn in unwanted tires. The guidelines are outlined by the GCMPC on their Facebook page.

A few of the important details are listed below.

  • Free to all Genesee County residents.
  • Up to 10 passenger tires accepted, per vehicle.
  • Only tires off the rim will be accepted.
  • No commercial tires will be accepted.
  • No commercial vehicles may enter (such as box trucks, tractor trailers, etc.).

If you have questions about the event, you can call 810-762-7744 to get answers

If you've never had to get rid of old unwanted tires before, then you can't appreciate how hard it can be sometimes. There are so many rules about disposing of old tires, so a day like this is a god send. Unless you want to be the idiot with tons of black smoke coming from your back yard while you try to discretely burn them. . . don't be that guy.


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