Alcona County has just recently told it's residents to "return to normal life."

Just recently, officials in Alcona County told residents to ignore coronavirus restrictions and "return to normal life." Five county commissioners unanimously approved that resolution and requested that Governor Gretchen Whitmer place the county in the same region as other Northern Michigan counties.

We are not advocating for overthrow or abolishment...but if these practices continue, (we advocate for) civil disobedience and ignoring the over-reaching and oppressive Executive Orders that have been inflicted on our citizens, akin to the Boston Tea Party, which was respectful to the cargo vessels but not the cargo itself...according to Alcona County Resolution 2020-13

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Right now, the county is in Region 4 and has the same restrictions as Saginaw and Bay City. With more than 10,000 people, the board of commissioners requested to be put into Region 6, which is currently in Phase 5 of the "Safe Start Plan."

“We just don’t have the same similarities that you would have to Bay City or Saginaw...Most properties are minimum 10-20 acres. We’re not exactly squeezed in. When you take a one-size fits all solution, it just doesn’t work...said Alcona County Commisioner Gary Wnuk.

To compare, Bay County has seen 883 COVID-19 cases with 45 deaths. Saginaw County has even higher numbers than that. On the other hand, Alcona County has only seen 39 cases of COVID-19 with only two deaths. Genesee County currently has 4,078 COVID-19 cases and 317 deaths. These statistics include both confirmed and probable COVID-19 cases according to and pulled on September 10th, 2020.

Source: MLive


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