I could careless about laughs when it comes down to the George Zimmerman and Trayvon Martin Halloween costumes.  The three people in the picture really need to understand, this is beyond unacceptable. 

Over the weekend the image of three white individuals, two men and one woman, dressed for Halloween went viral for the wrong reasons.  One male was black-face to be slayed Trayvon Martin while his male counterpart was supposed to be Zimmerman.  The Zimmerman character pointed his fingers like a gun to the head of the Martin wannabe.

The internet went crazy and reported the profile on Facebook which prompted the profile user to take down the picture.  The damage had already been done.

I understand that race is a big issue in America.  I hate racism, bigotry, or any act of negativity over race.  I have yet to understand how white people in this day in age can even think to be racist.  I really hope the people in this picture will understand how unacceptable their actions are.


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