I don't necessarily recall being 12-years-old, but I know for damn sure I was not throwing rocks over an overpass, or even thinking about it. I had never even heard of such a thing until the group of Clio teenagers were arrested in 2017. I am sure you remember, Kenneth White was killed when a six-pound rock was thrown from an overpass and crashed through the windshield of a van he was a passenger in.

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Now, just this week it happened again in Fenton. According to ABC 12 On Tuesday, October 13th, Derrick Bagwell was driving northbound US-23, just south of Brighton, when his windshield was struck with a rock - thrown from an overpass. As you can imagine, Bagwell was shocked. He could not process right away what happened, but he did look in his rear view mirror and saw two girls. Those girls are both 12-years-old, and have since been caught.

I am happy to say that the rock did not go all the way through his windshield, but still - this is freaking serious. What in the hell were those girls thinking? This man could have been killed. As far as what the girls will be facing, the Livingston County Juvenile Prosecutor will be reviewing the case for possible charges. I for one hope they are charged with something - this type of behavior is absolutely inexcusable. They need to realize actions always have consequences.

I will keep you updated on this story, as any additional information is made public.

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