For those traveling in the Fenton area the rest of this week, construction is going to slow you down.

More construction is happening on the roads in Genesee County. This week in the Fenton area, US-23 will see lane closures and total closures overnight. The construction started on Monday and will continue through Friday. Motorists will see the US-23 closed for the next three nights starting at 9 pm until 6 am each night.

According to the Michigan Department of Transportation, this construction project is part of a $1.3 million investment and will see the overhead truss signs replaced along the highway. The investment will continue along 12 miles of the highway in Genesee County.

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For the current portion of the project, northbound US-23 just south of Silver Lake Road and southbound US-23 just north of the North Road exit will be under construction. Also, the southbound US-23 ramp to North Road will be closed. Motorists can also expect to see intermittent lane closures and 15-minute complete closures of the area.

Don't get me wrong, I am very happy to see construction on the roadways in Michigan. We need it. Our roads suck, we can all agree on that. This year, however, the projects all seem to land in areas that I travel pretty much every day. I use this stretch of US-23 four to five times per week so I am glad it is a short project.

There are two projects that really mess up my travels right now that have been under construction for months that I hope are finished soon. The I-75 exit at Grand Blanc Road in Grand Blanc and the bridge work on Grand Blanc Road near US-23. Both of those spots are paths that I take every day and have added a bunch of extra time to my travels.


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