Golfers in Genesee County just had a little luck tossed their way when it comes to teeing it up.  Genesee County Prosecutor David Leyton has said the rules are about to change when it come to golfing in the area.

According to Gov. Gretchen Whitmer's executive order, golf courses were to be closed during the current Stay at Home Order. The order was met with much objection from  avid golfers across the state. Leyton has said that although the courses would stay closed, it wasn't illegal to play a round, but hitting the course would come with rules.

Leyton's statement comes on the heels of a decision in Kent County where a prosecutor said he wasn't able to enforce the order when it comes to banning golf. When the order was reviewed by the Attorney General it was determined that walk-ons on private courses was permitted.

Prosecutor Leyton now says that golfing on private courses in Genesee County is permitted with the following rules:

* Golfers must walk the course unless they have their own personal cart

* Golfers can not touch the flag sticks present on the greens.

* Bag rooms at the clubs will not be open for servicing the golfers

* Ball washers on the courses will not have water in them

* Golfers must practice social distancing while on the course.

Public courses will stay closed since they are a pay to play situation and would require course employees to be present.

In speaking to a local news station, Leyton echoed what golfers have said since the order came down , "Well, you know, golf is similar to walking outside if you're not taking a cart, you're just walking. You're essentially out for a walk." He still advised staying healthy and safe is the main priority and abiding by the rules and being smart is key. "We've got to keep this flattening of the curve going," he said. "We've got to get rid of COVID-19; and if it means no golf, then I think that's a sacrifice that's probably a good one."

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