Dave Schmitt didn't help an employee at his favorite Taco Bell in order to get recognition here, he rolled up his sleeves to assist the woman and her son because he's a good guy.

Schmitt tells Fox 47 that he is a frequent customer at the Taco Bell on Herbison Road in DeWitt. The community of DeWitt is about 10 miles north of Lansing. The man noticed that there had been a truck and camper in the restaurant's parking lot for several days and finally decided to inquire about it when he went through the drive-thru.

Schmitt tells the TV station that the answer he got from the cashier changed his life and hers.

"I said, 'What's the story with this truck and camper that are out there?' And the drive-through attendant said, 'Well, that's where me and my son live.'"

The employee, whose name is Margie Wolfe, told Dave that she had been hit hard by the coronavirus pandemic and lost her apartment in February of this year. She and her son had been living in the camper since the middle of the summer.

Schmitt said that he knew that he had been called to help Margie.

"You just can't help but know that you're in the right place at the right time. And I did really feel like there was a reason I struck up that conversation and got to know about her." he tells the TV station. "Immediately I just started doing what I could to help her."

He then began visiting the restaurant on a regular basis to give Margie any extra money he had. Last month, she had saved up enough money to move into an apartment.

But Dave's generosity didn't stop there.

He began giving Margie and her son some furniture that he no longer needed and called on his friends and family to do the same.

"I appreciate him, Margie says in the video below. "I think God for him coming into my life.

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