Governor Gretchen Whitmer held a press conference yesterday (Wednesday) to announce how they plan to loosen COVID-19 restrictions in Michigan.

With close to 1.5 million Americans now getting vaccinated every day, coronavirus numbers are on the decline and experts say we should reach herd immunity by April. 

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Despite the morbid milestone of 500,000 people passing away due to COVID-19, things are moving in the right direction, and thankfully so.

She did not elaborate much in a Wednesday news conference, in which she again pressed the Republican-controlled Legislature to pass a multibillion-dollar COVID-19 relief funding plan.

Her administration didn't really go into detail but hinted towards the easing of certain restrictions coming soon. I can imagine the last thing anyone wants is for these COVID-19 numbers to skyrocket again. The restrictions are in place till the end of March, but if the numbers keep trending in the right direction we could come out of hiding sooner than later...


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