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Just a day after a video of State Senate Majority Leader Mike calling the January 6 insurrection at US Capitol 'a hoax' went viral, the state's top Republican is coming under fire once again.

In a conversation with Lt. Gov. Garlin Gilchrist, Shirkey is heard essentially standing by his words. In the exchange, much of which is inaudible, Shirkey says that his use of the word hoax didn't apply to the acts of terrorism at the US Capitol, but rather to who may have been behind the attack.

Shirkey also alludes to challenging Gov. Gretchen Whitmer to a fistfight on the grounds of the Michigan Capitol and "spanking her" on the state's budget.

Gilchrist tells WJBK that he interpreted the Senator's words as insincere, saying, "his so-called apology that was not heartfelt."

Governor Whitmer refused to comment on any of Shirkey's recent comments and seemed visibly annoyed by the topic.

"I'm not interested in even engaging with someone who should be helping lead in this moment," she said. "(He) made violent comments about me personally. I'm going to stay focused. When they are willing to be leaders, they'll find a willing partner in me."

Whitmer also took WJBK's Tim Skubick to task when he asked if she'd be willing to forgive the Senator at remarks directed at her.

"What? Tim, what?" she said laughing incredulously. "The person who the violence was directed at, should reach out to the person who is proposing that violence and ... what? I'm too busy to get caught up in that."

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