Gov. Whitmer just announced that she will be putting a ban on home evictions until October. With the new Delta variant gaining momentum and federal aid for renters being really slow to come out this new moratorium is what people desperately need right now. 

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This comes after the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention issued a new eviction moratorium that would last until October 3, as the Biden administration sought to quell intensifying criticism from progressives that it was allowing vulnerable renters to lose their homes during a pandemic.

I can understand the frustration from land and property owners during this time. People that put their whole lives into rental properties are at risk too. If they can't make any money then their homes will go into foreclosure and the tenant will be the one with all the advantages. Then again, the pandemic has wrecked the economy to a degree and some people need this ban on evictions to stay off the streets.

This is why we need the local government to step in. Some extra federal aid can go a long way right now. And I commend our governor for this move and she is taking the time to focus on the housing market.

The ban announced Tuesday could help keep millions in their homes as the coronavirus' delta variant has spread and states have been slow to release federal rental aid. It would temporarily halt evictions in counties with "substantial and high levels" of virus transmissions and would cover areas where 90% of the U.S. population lives.

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