For the first time in 7 years the decisions made for Flint will be made entirely by Flint officials.

On Wednesday Governor Rick Snyder announced that the final pieces of state control will be ending. Flint is the last municipality in Michigan that is still under state financial oversight, but that will come to and end with Michigan Treasury approval this week.

Mayor Weaver talked about what it meant for Flint to finally be under local control in the FB Live video below from Pamela Pugh.

The state oversight has led to a reduction in debt that Flint has, but has also brought on the Flint Water Crisis.

Most everyone in Flint agrees that while it's a good thing that local control is being restored, the city still needs help from the state. We are far from done with the water issues, and many residents still rely on bottled water distribution provided from state and federal dollars.

So what will happen now that city leaders in Flint are able to make the final decisions concerning Flint? We've had a notoriously long history of suspect leadership. The laundry list of mistakes made by former leaders is to long to ignore.

Do you think that Mayor Weaver will be the one to break the cycle of poor leadership in Flint?

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