Michigan officials are taking another crack at holding someone legally responsible for the Flint Water Crisis.

I say another crack because Michigan had filed charges against multiple people from the Snyder administration a few years ago, but the case was dropped due to mistakes by the prosecutors. The criminal case was centered around the former health department director, Nick Lyon. He admitted to knowing about the water crisis before making it public, but not acting on it.

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Right now Lyon has not been named by the AG's office, but there are many rumors that he will be soon.

The prosecution has kept their case very quiet so far, but the AP report above hints that all of the details will be coming very soon. Those details will most likely include more names of Snyder's administration members that will be charged.

The move to prosecute comes shortly after a $600 Million settlement was reached with Flint residents impacted by the crisis. I can tell you first hand that not many people living in Flint are happy with that settlement, and who can blame them.

There is no amount of money that will fix the lifelong problems that have developed in our city. There is no settlement that will bring the trust back for people in Flint. The government has admitted to lying about when they knew about the Flint Water Crisis, and delayed taking action. Those delays cost many Flint residents their lives, and put a generation at risk for lifelong health problems.

I just wonder if a prosecution will help move things in the right direction. I agree that someone needs to be held responsible, but I want to know how much it will help the emotional healing process. This is not a rhetorical question, I genuinely don't know if a guilty verdict will impact the damage that has been done.

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