School hallways in Michigan will be empty for the next few weeks as Governor Whitmer ordered all Michigan schools close.

The closure is obviously the reaction to concerns around the spread of Coronavirus in Michigan. The closure is definitely the right thing to do to combat the spread of the virus, but it poses a whole host of new problems for families around the state.

Governor Whitmer addressed some of the issues that parents will face during this closure.

I know this will be a tough time for our parents and educators, and I urge businesses to do everything they can to support employees at this time. Some parents will need to stay home with their children, and not every parent will have the ability to do so. Not every parent has paid leave, though I think they should,” Whitmer said, encouraging employers to step up and provide help if their employees need it

There was also discussion about finding ways to provide meal service to families that depend on it during the school year.

Right now there are definitely more questions than answers for everyone. If the closure should go passed the April 6th date set right now, will classes continue online? How will the lost time be made up? What will parents be able to do with their employers when they need to take time off?

These are all questions that will be answered in due time, but for right now caution is priority number one for everyone.

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