Governor Gretchen Whitmer addressed supporters and critics on Monday, the eve of the six week anniversary of the first case of coronavirus in Michigan.

Whitmer acknowledged that the sacrifices the people of Michigan are being asked to make are difficult, and recognizes the hardships that have been created by closing non-essential businesses and schools.

"These choices weigh heavily on me as I make each of them," she said. "But I'm absolutely confident as I listen to our best medical minds that these are the right decisions right now to protect lives. It's been aggressive but they're working and we're seeing that."

The governor went on to address those who've criticized her Stay-Home-Stay-Safe Executive Order.

"So to all the people who have disagreed with the actions that I have taken or feel their rights have been infringed, I want to say this. 'We are taking a limited action for a limited amount of time to save people's lives. Who among us wants to be that person who unwittingly brings this virus into their household? Who in this great state actually believes that they care more about jetskiing than they do about saving the lives of the elderly or the vulnerable? This action isn't about our individual right to gather, it's about our parents' right to live."

Whtimer went on to say that she recognizes the financial impact that has been felt by so many people in the state and said that she and her staff are taking pay cuts.

"First and foremost I want to announce that I'm going to lead by example.I know that times are tough and that we as a state are going to be confronting a tough budget as a result of the economic shutdown," she said. "And so I'm going to be taking a 10% pay cut and I've asked my senior executive staff to do so, to take a 5% pay cut during this time."

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