Meeting someone you don't know to buy or sell something can be scary and Grand Blanc City Hall is now helping to ease that fear.

With having the ability to buy and sell pretty much anything on the internet nowadays, sometimes it can be a bit nerve-racking to meet a stranger somewhere. You never know what kind of person they are and can never be 100% sure of your safety. Buyers and sellers now have another safe place to exchange goods.

Grand Blanc City Hall has set up a "safe exchange zone" to meet people you don't know. This new space is monitored 24/7 with security cameras and has a phone that automatically dials 911 when picked up.

This new safe exchange zone can also be used for more than just online sales and purchases. City officials say the parents can also use the area if they don't trust or want a former spouse to come to their home when exchanging children.

Grand Blanc City Hall is located at 203 E. Grand Blanc Road in Grand Blanc.

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