Photo: GBHS Facebook
Photo: GBHS Facebook

The staff at Grand Blanc High School has a plan to bring students and staff together with an open dialogue to make high school a better experience for everyone.

Named "Bobcat Time," the new in-class program launching this fall is aimed at boosting understanding, respect, and unity among students and staff. Each session of "Bobcat Time" will cover a specific topic and open it up to discussion in hopes of bringing understanding and education at the same time while allowing every student to feel part of the GBHS.

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The program will have staff and students dedicate 30 minutes out of their day up to two times per month from August to May. There will be a slightly altered schedule to allow that dedicated half hour during the 3rd period to cover each session’s topic according to the school website. 

Kicking off the new program will be a session that focuses on cell phones/screen time and related research and introduce the “Cell Phone Detox Challenge.” There will also be a discussion on the new cell phone policy at GBHS. The first session will be on August 31st.

On tap for future "Bobcat Time" sessions will be topics such as clubs and activities available at GBHS, EDPs, awareness of grades and their relationship to attendance and academic eligibility, how to ask for help, goal planning, and communication along with friendships.

The school's staff is also putting together a website for the new program along with materials and at-home lessons to allow parents to further talk about the topics with their students at home.

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