Swartz Creek Schools have announced that all classes will be canceled next week due to the extreme staff shortages.

I've written a lot about the staff shortages at area schools recently, and things don't seem to be getting any better. Schools are holding massive hiring events to try and fill the open positions, but the lack of staff has been too much for some districts to handle.

Earlier this month Saginaw Township Schools had to cancel school at the last minute due to staff shortages, and now Swartz Creek is in the same boat. They have decided to cancel school for the entire week of Thanksgiving, according to a letter to parents.


The screenshot above is the email sent to parents in the Swartz Creek district, and it explains the reasons behind the closure. Ben Mainka is the superintendent at Creek, and he talked about why they made the announcement so early.

it is becoming abundantly clear that we will not be able to operate our buildings due to staff shortages as we are facing some of the highest unfilled jobs for next week.  As a result of this, we will be cancelling school next week on Monday and Tuesday due to inadequate staffing. I greatly apologize for the inconvenience, but we felt like we should make the decision now as opposed to having families rush to make arrangements for their children the night before or even the morning of the day.

My kids go to Swartz Creek, and I don't think they could have handled this situation any better than they did. The letter from the Superintendent is clear and explains the exact reasoning for the closure. Mainka even goes on to solicit for applicants, so that future closures may be avoided.

We hope to avoid this in the future as much as possible, and we are offering some of the highest substitute pay in the county. If you know of anyone interested in making decent money substitute teaching, please have them reach out to our human resources department at (810) 591-2390.

I think that decision was made a little easier considering that next week is a short week due to Thanksgiving.

I can speak from first-hand experience that the staff at Creek have been doing everything in their power to keep things as normal as possible this year. Dealing with a lack of substitute teachers, and a severe bus driver shortage have made things very challenging.

I would expect that more schools jump on this trend, and many kids in our area will have an entire week off for Thanksgiving.

I salute any teacher, not just Creek, because you are all doing one of the most important jobs around. You are also doing it as short-handed as anyone has ever done it. Thank you for giving everything you have every day.

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