Gucci will be "BRRR" permanently... See why

Now I myself don't have any tatts, but am a fan of them if done tactfully... Well that's not the case anymore (See any Rapper, Rocker, or NBA player!). I don't think these guys really understand how foolish they are going to look in 30 years. Well the Gucc-ster has gone and got an ice cream Cone (With 3 scoops) on his face... First off how painful was this? Second what grown man has Baskin Robin's on his face... What's next a Blizzard from DQ? Non the less, Gucci has somehow found a way to make himself look even more stupid ("you are soo dummmb)... When he's 65 that ice cream cone is going to look like it melted when it's sitting around his neck and chin!