Thanks to a $54 Million grant given to 9 Michigan agencies, help with utility bills will be available this winter.

The money will be used to help low income residents pay electric and heating bills that can get out of hand in the colder months. Every year I read about power being shut off to the most vulnerable people in Flint. Hopefully this money will meant that those headlines are never printed this year.

The money just doesn't magically show up though, you do have to apply for assistance.

MI Bridges is the gatekeeper of the grant money, and you can fill out an assistance application here.

The key is to not wait until it is too late. If you need assistance, or know someone that does, please fill out the forms to get it. Pride should not be a factor when it comes to staying warm this winter. Applying can be complicated, but there is a video from MI Bridges that helps to answer some basic questions below.

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