St. Patrick's day is still a month away, but the season has officially started with the spotting of McDonald's Shamrock Shakes.

The Shamrock Shake one of the most reliable signs that spring is on the way, but they don't last long. People go nuts for the shakes while they are available, but this year they will be a little harder to find.

McDonald's is cashing in on green wave by creating a Shamrock Shake finder on their app. You can download the app here or you can actually search from your computer.

I remember when my wife was pregnant, she was low key addicted to the Shamrock Shake. I would often make Shamrock Shake runs at all hours for her, or sometimes just buy one to bring home even though I don't even like them!

Check out a map of the locations around Flint that have the Shamrock Shakes right now. If you click on the map, you can enter your own zip code and find them near you as well.


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