High winds that touched down late Wednesday night have caused some serious damage across Michigan and knocked out power to over 125,000 people.

This comes right after a recent high wind storm that knocked out power to a significant amount of Michigan. Consumers Energy is working hard to restore power to areas, but in some cases, they have to wait for the wind to calm down in order to work safely.   The National Weather Service reported wind gusts of up to 50 to 60 mph last night. Those speeds are more than enough to wreak havoc across Michigan.

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 The winds knocked down trees and limbs and damaged nearly 150 power lines, Consumers said. Firefighters throughout West Michigan are responding to downed lines.

So far, 18 schools or districts have been delayed or closed, many because of power outages. Source:Mlive.com
It sounds like a lot of our power outages come from the lack of preparation and pruning trees. High winds snap branches that land on power lines. So I don't get why we don't have a team that constantly hits the streets to prevent things like this from happening on such a massive scale. It's not like we have one or two power lines that go down, it's blocks and whole townships that go down because of the lack of maintenance.

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