Keep a lookout today! Reports are coming in showing that winds could reach up to 50 mph today over certain areas in Michigan!

That's strong enough to push a small car around on the highway. Please be careful today!

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There are Wind Advisories in effect today for most of Mid-Michigan.

For the Saginaw Valley and Thumb areas, an advisory is in effect until 4:00 PM today. For the area north of the Bay an advisory is in effect until 6:00 PM today.

Experts are also saying you should expect to see power outages today. So if you don't have to get out today I'd advise that you don't, or avoid it as much as possible. I speak from experience. The last time we had a major wind advisory someone's political yard sign flew out and stabbed the side of my house. Now I have an over-developed fear of yard signs. To you, it's a political statement. To me, it's a dangerous weapon designed to bring your guard down only to strike when you least expect it.

All jokes aside watch yourself today and be mindful of what's flying around today.


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