Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump are both planning campaign stops in Michigan today, as they try to rally last minute votes ahead of tomorrows election.

While both candidates have events planned in Michigan today, Hillary has a few extra boots on the ground.  President Obama is speaking for Hillary this morning on the University of Michigan campus in Ann Arbor.

Hillary will speak today at Grand Valley State University starting at 4pm.  Trump won't be far away, when he speaks in Grand Rapids tonight at 11pm.

Michigan has been a hotbed for political activity this election cycle.  Flint was focused on early due to the Flint Water Crisis, but the entire state has been trampled by political figures all year.

Trump has been to Michigan twice in the last two days, adding to his total visits to the Mitten.

Hillary has had plenty of visits to Michigan in the past, including rally's held her by her daughter.  Bill Clinton visited two Flint churches yesterday before heading to Detroit.

The race in Michigan has been getting tighter every single day, so it's no surprise that both parties have ramped up their campaigns.

Regardless of who you plan on voting for, make sure you get out and vote tomorrow. 

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