Police are investigating the murder of a homeless Pontiac man that was found on Friday at a popular play area for kids on S. Merrimac St.

Violence has gone up since the end of the pandemic shutdown and it looks like we have a psychopath taking out his frustration on the weak and desperate.

Detectives say a 51-year-old man’s body was found naked and wrapped in a comforter with a plastic bag on his head around 1:30 p.m. Friday on S. Merrimac Street.


Deputies say the manner of death remains under investigation and a motive is unknown. Investigators are pursuing charges that could come as early as Tuesday.



These are very disturbing details. The fact that someone would dump a dead body on a children's playground speaks volumes of what type of evil person you're dealing with. Now detectives haven't released any info on the victim in question, and are working hard to find out more.

Let's not forget that homeless people are human as well. Regardless of how they got there, they do not deserve to be murdered for sport.  You often hear about killers picking off homeless people on the streets because they're viewed as "thrown away" from society. I pray the police catch whoever is involved and get them off the streets asap. It takes a special type of crazy to just murder homeless people.

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