Are you familiar with the term 'sharing is caring? In most instances that is indeed the case, except when it comes to sharing popular holiday foods with your dog and or dogs. As hard as it may be to say no - it is for their own good.

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I know for sure not everyone will agree with this list of dangerous holiday foods that are bad for dogs (that is okay). Turkey is on the list. Is a piece of plain turkey meat going to kill your dog? I would think not. That being said, most people do not serve plain old turkey on Thanksgiving or Christmas. More often than not your turkey has been seasoned. Herbs and spices are not good for dogs. Not to mention turkey has bones. You have to be very careful when it comes to bones too.

I think many of the items on the list below go without saying. I mean seriously - do people really give dogs alcohol? If you are - stop. If your dog likes a stiff drink every now and again, you can buy your best friend actual dog beer.

Do you give your dog dairy products? I would not think so, but maybe you have in the past. Think about it - dairy is in pretty much everything. According to Camp Canine, dogs are tolerant of dairy, but it may cause indigestion.

You can eat turkey and drink beer until your head pops off, just leave your dog out of it. Trust me, it will be a much more fun holiday season this way.

Holiday Foods That Are Bad For Your Dog

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