Michigan marijuana enthusiasts may want to watch Ohio today, as the voters there are deciding on whether to legalize a recreational cannabis trade. The scene is worth some attention because if the Buckeye state can somehow manage to emerge from the elections with legal weed in their future, then any state looking to do the same will not have any trouble.

Unlike Michigan, Ohio is seeking to create a marijuana market that will strictly limit the business dealings in the state. Although legalization will eliminate the criminal penalties currently associated with pot possession, not to mention give residents the ability to grow their own, the initiative comes with a monopoly on commercial pot production and does not leave any opportunities for the state's cannabis entrepreneurs.

Earlier this year, the Ohio General Assembly put their own initiative on the ballot that, if passed, would ban monopolies in Ohio. So, today, Ohio voters get to decide if they want to legalize marijuana, ban monopolies, or both. Even if both measure pass, legalization will be snuffed out -- the anti-monopoly measure supersedes it.

Some of the latest polls show that both initiatives Issue 3 (legalize pot) and Issue 2 (ban monopolies) have 50 percent support. Therefore, the outcome of today’s election could go either way.

Fortunately, Michigan is not seeking to legalize marijuana in the same way. MILegalize, the group working to get their initiative on the ballot, would create a cannabis industry similar to what is currently underway in Colorado. While it would allow people to buy marijuana at retail pot shops and eliminate criminal penalties, it would also provide opportunities for anyone interested in working in the business of growing and selling weed.

So, watch what happens today in Ohio, folks…because if those bastards are able to legalize weed under the circumstances, Michigan will easily be able to do the same next year.